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WA7EMG:  Emergency Management Group – Washington Amateur Radio Club

The purpose of Emergency Management Group – Washington Radio Club (EMGWA-RC) is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.

EMGWA-RC is affiliated with Emergency Management Group – Washington, a non-profit corporation. EMGWA RC shall support the purposes of Emergency Management Group – Washington; specifically by:


All persons interested in Amateur Radio communications shall be eligible for membership in EMGWA-RC. Membership shall be by application and election upon such terms as the Club shall provide in its By-Laws. 

Members may be required to complete specific NIMS, ICS, or similar emergency management classes in order to maintain active membership status.

Members may be required to participate in specified briefings, meetings, and/or exercises in order to maintain active membership status.

Membership in EMGWA-RC is required to be a part of the communications team for any EMG-WA supported event.

Membership in EMG-WA, while encouraged, is not a requirement to join the EMGWA Radio Club

Membership in another amateur radio club does not preclude an individual from being a member of EMGWA-RC.


Currently, there are no dues for membership in EMGWA-RC.  

Board of Directors

EMGWA-RC is governed by a Board of Directors

Current Board members:

Name Call Role
Gail Coburn KE7IBM Director
(vacant)   Director
Josh Gana K7JGG Director
Frank Sebastian K7FNS Director/Trustee

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If you are interested in joining EMG-WA Radio Club, please send an email by clicking on the above link.  You will be contacted by our membership coordinator.


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