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Emergency Management Group – Washington is actively recruiting for volunteers to support the following events.  See our Opportunities page for a list of skills desired.


Membership in EMGWA is an excellent way to connect with the Seafair Emergency Management Group which provides volunteer emergency management support to Seafair’s signature events each year.

·         Summer 4th – July 4, 2019

·         Milk Carton Derby – July 13, 2019

·         Triathlon – July 21, 2019

·         Torchlight Festival, Run, Parade – July 27, 2019

·         Seafair Weekend – July 29 - August 5, 2019

·         Holiday Cruise – December 1, 2019

Tunnel to Viaduct 8K Run/Walk

February 2, 2019 0600-1200; Participants will start near the Seattle Center and run south through the new tunnel, taking participants to the SODO area near the stadiums. Participants will then continue north through the Pioneer Square neighborhood before running on the viaduct and through the Battery Street Tunnel for the last time. All participants will finish at the Seattle Center and be invited to join the SR99 Grand Opening Festival for the opening tunnel walk and other activities.

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Please contact Emergency Management Group- Washington for information or participation in any of the these events.

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